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I’m Emily

I’m a coach and multi-disciplinary holistic practitioner with over 20 years of experience in complementary therapies. I bring my understanding of interconnectivity to help people rewrite their subconscious self-image and transform their lives.

When I’m not helping people heal their emotional baggage and create their dream life, you’ll find my vintage clothes shopping and flexing my creative muscles in drama classes.


I’m Camilla

I’m an executive coach, mentor and creativity facilitator. Having worked in the creative industries for over a decade across multi-disciplines, I bring my creative flair to help people align to their soul purpose and unlock their creative gifts. 

When I’m not helping people reach their creative potential, my main jam is writing everything from poetry to fiction and nonfiction. My book Unravelling Inwards launching in 2023 is the story of my personal journey of transformation that was supported by Emily before we started working together professionally.

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