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Emily has been a holistic practitioner for the past 20 years. She describes herself as not the fluffy kind of holistic practitioner and her work is not for tourists. She had set up a practice in Scotland that was beginning to take off when Covid hit which meant she rapidly had to get her work online.

At the same time, Camilla had been working as a multi-disciplinary creative for a decade. As Covid hit, she was working as a freelance designer for spiritual and holistic practitioners. With the pandemic gripping the world, Camilla felt it was time to bring holistic practitioners together to help them lead us into the new world that covid was bringing. She took this idea to a group of holistic practitioners, asking if they wanted to step forward and collaborate. Emily was part of this group and it was on a collaborative planning call that she met Camilla – they hit it off and have been stuck together like glue ever since.

Emily invited Camilla onto a course she was running which began to unlock Camilla’s emotional baggage. Not knowing how to deal with what was coming up, she started having regular sessions with Emily, dealing with one fear or anxiety at a time. As Camilla’s emotional bucket emptied, she knew Emily was onto something and wanted to support Emily in getting this work out into the world to help more people. At first, this took the form of developing Emily’s website and branding materials with Camilla’s design skills. Emily built her programmes as a result of walking Camilla through her healing journey.

From there Camilla realised that Emily’s wisdom could have a far bigger impact than solely working with individuals on their goals as it touched upon every aspect of their lives regardless of what they turned up intending to work on.  As their journey continued, the vessel took on a life of its own, showing them the interconnectivity of all aspects of our lives. It broke apart the old paradigm of society that teaches us to compartmentalize and instead, they learnt that they simply couldn’t work on building their business for example, without also touching upon relationships or sexuality, or when working on creativity, money, sexuality and power would also need to be addressed.

As a lifelong creative, Camilla could see how the application of Emily’s knowledge and skills could transform the creative industries, something she has always felt passionate about. Having spent years in the creative industry, seeing herself and fellow creatives struggle with things like mental health issues, lack of confidence, impostor syndrome, feast and famine income and the idea that in order to create it had to cost you as a creator, Camilla could see that this work could usher in a completely new narrative for the creative industry. In working on her emotional baggage with Emily, Camilla had stepped outside of the old paradigms of the suffering/starving artist and wrote a new future for herself and her creativity built on creative joy, alignment, ease and flow. She became passionate about bringing this new approach to both the creators themselves and those providing support, education and training to creatives such as coaches, mentors, creative educators, tutors and other practitioners. It is this work that they are bringing forward to transform the creative industry to better support and fully and fairly reward creators for their valuable contributions to society, rather than at the cost of the creator themselves.

Camilla began to learn more about the tools that Emily had introduced her to in sessions as well as gaining her own practitioner certifications in some of these holistic tools. They began working together to build programmes and deliver them both to individual clients and as training programmes for coaches, building up a joint business together.

Emily and Camilla’s work now seeks to redefine the holistic, coaching, mentoring and creative industries with a blend of sexuality, sacred unions, divine feminine and divine masculine and spirituality. They do this by using a blended approach of coaching, mentoring, energetic and holistic tools. They work with the subconscious to release limiting beliefs and transform your mindset on a deep level that conscious tools alone cannot achieve.

Their work reaches across all of time and space, encompassing past lives, genetically inherited or intergenerational trauma to heal at a deep level, wherever it comes from. As a result, their work will turn your life upside down and back to front as you redesign your life to your unique vision. At the core of their work is a desire to empower the individual in reclaiming their personal power, not at the cost of humanity. It is their life’s work to bring ancient wisdom into the modern day to help people achieve their soul purpose and make what feels like impossible dreams possible. Emily and Camilla’s work seeks to break down the old, outdated paradigms of control and power, helping people rewrite new narratives for their own lives and break out of their limiting beliefs to create the life of their dreams.