Unravelling Creativity Membership

Unravel Your Creativity

Unleash Your Creative Power With Our Monthly Membership For Creatives

Unravel Your Creativity

Unleash Your Creative Power With Our Monthly Membership For Creatives

Ready to Reach Your Creative Potential?

This is a creative membership unlike any other. The Unravelling Creativity Membership of course has all the delicious inspiration and creative insights you expect from a creativity membership. However, we go far beyond that in our mission to transform the creative industry and the lives of the creative people within it.

Offering real emotional and mental support along with transformational tools to support you every step of the way as you break out of the limiting paradigm and create from a safe, joyful and aligned space.

A Creative Membership That:

  • Supports Mental Wellbeing

  • Activates Joyful, Aligned Creative Flow

  • Gives You Tools for Transformational Mindset Shifts

How We Support You

This isn’t just any old membership designed to spark your creativity alone. As multi-disciplinary creatives and coaches ourselves, we know the challenges of a creative life, how creativity ebbs and flows, the loneliness it can bring along with the feast and famine income, self-doubt, imposter syndrome and more besides.

We have created this membership to support you in breaking through those blocks and barriers to unlock your potential and joyful creative spark. We’re not simply accountability coaches checking if you’ve done your homework or bombarding you with a barrage of creative prompts to overwhelm and make you feel bad.

We provide easy to follow, step by step actions to help support your creative mindset, uncover limiting beliefs and transform them to help activate your creative flow. We’ve taken apart the traditional narratives of the creative industry such as the starving/suffering artist and walk you through a holistic exploration of the self to help you actually, genuinely heal and become the best creative person you can be.

There’s no judgement or guilt tripping as you can take your journey at your own pace. We provide you with the tools, actionable steps to get there and support you–really support you–on the journey. No more waving you off with a phial of light and a riddle of when to use it a la what Galadriel did to Frodo, we walk beside you every step of the way at a pace you’re comfortable with because we know that it’s possible to work from a joyful and aligned creative space. Now it’s time to let us help you see and reach that possibility for yourself.


What’s Included

Regular Emails

Receive an email for each sabbat and esbat during the year (approx every six weeks) from us, your personal creativity coaches, with creative prompts, ideas, suggestions, mindset tools, insights and action plans to support your mental well-being, mindset and creative flow

Supportive Community

Access our private, supportive community to connect, network, make friends, collaborate and share in this creative journey

Regular Live Calls

Connect with fellow creatives, learn, receive hot seat coaching, collaborate and join creative critique and feedback sessions with our calendar of live calls

Prompts and Inspiration

Explore our library of creative prompts, journal prompts and afformations that are used to explore how all the pillars of our work impact your aligned creative flow

Mindset Tools & Activations

Access mindset tools, meditations and guidance to help you work through blocks such as impostor syndrome and persecution complex to help you unleash your creative potential

Discounts and Early Access

Get early access to new content and courses from us as well as discounts on courses, discounted 1:1 coaching sessions with Emily and Camilla and other bonuses


Become a Member

Pay Monthly

£30/$38 (approx)

per month

Pay on a monthly rolling basis and cancel at any time


Pay Annually

£300/$380 (approx)

get two months free
with one annual payment

Pay in one easy payment for a full year of transforming your creative life


Monthly £30/$38 (approx), Annual £300/$380 (approx)


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