Unravelling Inwards Membership

Unravel Yourself Inwards

Go on your own journey of Unravelling Inwards with our transformative membership

Are you ready to go on a personal healing journey and create the life of your dreams?


You’ve read the book, now go on the journey with us

With Camilla and Emily as your personal coaches, we’ll guide you through the journey of your own healing and self-discovery


Real Mindset Shifts That Transform

We’ve built this membership from our own experience (you can read about Camilla’s journey in Unravelling Inwards). We have decades of holistic, creative and coaching experience and a multitude of tools to help transform the subconscious and release limiting beliefs. We know what actually works and what doesn’t and we’ve brought the best parts into a membership that will help you make genuine shifts towards the life of your dreams.

Accessible Personal Transformation

No more expensive coaching or holistic programmes with outlandish promises. We’ve been on the journey and have built a membership that gives you exactly the tools, guidance and support you need to release your emotional baggage and transform your life at a low monthly cost you can cancel at any time.

Accountability and Support At Your Pace

Our membership offers weekly emails full of actionable steps, worksheets and tools to help you, a library of archived resources for you to explore at your leisure and a calendar of regular calls and check-ins for you to attend as you wish. We know that personal transformation looks different for everyone and doesn’t fit a prescribed ‘schedule’ so you can work through the content and connect with us for coaching in your own time. We’re ready to help you whenever you need it.

What’s Included

Regular Emails

Receive an email for each sabbat and esbat during the year (approx every six weeks) from us, your personal coaches with mindset tools, journal prompts, insights and action plans to support your subconscious mindset shifts and personal transformation

Supportive Community

Access our private, supportive community to connect, make friends, and share in this healing journey

Regular Live Calls

Connect with us for check-ins and receive personalised support in group coaching sessions with our calendar of live calls

Prompts and Inspiration

Explore our library of journal prompts and afformations that are used to help you transform your inner narrative and create mindset shifts

Mindset Tools & Activations

Access mindset tools, meditations and guidance to help you work through emotional blocks and limiting beliefs

Discounts and Early Access

Get early access to new content and courses from us as well as discounts on courses, discounted 1:1 coaching sessions with Emily and Camilla and other bonuses


How We Support You

This membership is designed to support you in the transformation of a lifetime when you need it most and give you the tools to support yourself when you feel ready.

As multi-disciplinary creatives and coaches ourselves, we know the challenges of a building a richer deeper life, a life unravelling inwards. Some days you are hopeful and all things feel possible, the days when things come up to be looked at and exhumed that make it a harder road to walk, harder but utterly worth it.

Each Goddess you met on your journey walks with you as a constant companion during her phase of the journey and so do Camilla and Emily as your coaches.

We have created this membership to support you in breaking through those blocks and barriers to unlock your potential and build the life and relationships you seek, one that embodies your own truth and your own Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine Self.

We’re not simply accountability coaches checking if you’ve done your homework or bombarding you with a barrage of prompts to overwhelm and make you feel bad. We provide easy to follow, step by step actions to help support you in uncovering limiting beliefs and transform them. We have regular calls and support materials throughout your journey, and the ability to bespoke that support for you for those who choose it.

There’s no judgement or guilt tripping as you can take your journey at your own pace. We provide you with the tools, actionable steps to get there and support you–really support you–on the journey.

We walk beside you every step of the way at a pace you’re comfortable with because we know that it’s possible to work as long as you keep moving forwards. Now it’s time to let us help you see and reach that possibility for yourself.


Monthly £30/$38 (approx), Annual £300/$380 (approx)


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