The Storyteller

Creative Archetype

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Supporting The Storyteller Archetype

The storyteller can easily take up the attention of the entire room so it is important when interacting with them to give them guidelines and clear boundaries within which they can ‘perform’ in order to give everyone time and space. However, encouraging the storyteller to dig deep into their authentic soul story and vulnerability can be hugely beneficial in helping them deepen connections and ignite healing within others.

Storytellers are masters at evoking emotion in their audience so being mindful of whether they are sharing their story from the wisdom or the wound is crucial in order to ensure it imparts its message positively to the audience. Encouraging the storyteller to work on healing their own personal wounds and story will give the storyteller access to an even more profound level of wisdom and insight that will fulfil them deeply so giving them access to supportive tools that will help them heal will have an impact far beyond themselves.

Actions To Support The Storyteller Archetype

Joining story or poetry circles to help hone storytelling skills
Acting, drama or dance classes will add a new dimension to the storytelling practice
Journaling to support mindfulness, reflection and self-awareness

Storyteller Examples

  • Christian Bale
  • Matthew McConaughey
  • David Tennant,
  • Roald Dahl
  • The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole
  • Anais Nin
  • Brothers Grimm

Understand and Support Your Creative Archetype

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