The Realist

Creative Archetype

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Supporting The Realist Archetype

The realist wants to highlight the world as they see it and have a tendency to downplay their skills and talents. As such it is important for the realist to work on building their own sense of self-worth, practice allowing themselves to receive compliments and give themselves permission to ‘show off’ about their achievements and stop ‘blending in’

This archetype, with their openhearted ability to fit in wherever they go, can struggle to find themselves within the creative industry and in their creative work. Cultivating a strong sense of their own being and encouraging them to spend time carving out their own place in the world and embracing their quirks will create a sense of inner peace and relief for the realist which will support them in their creative endeavours.

Actions To Support The Realist Archetype

Begin a self-portrait project to develop your sense of self
Collaborate with artists working at the opposite end of the spectrum such as impressionists and surrealists will help you break out of your box
Give yourself permission to portray things creatively in a non-realistic, stylistic way to add a new dimension to your work

Realist Examples

  • Arthur Dent in The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy,
  • Dr John Watson,
  • Leonardo Da Vinci

Understand and Support Your Creative Archetype

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