The Artist

Creative Archetype

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Supporting The Artist Archetype

The artist can become very obsessive and protective of their woundedness, wearing it like a badge of honour. In learning to heal the pain within themselves, the artist can find new ways to express their trauma through the resulting learning and growth they experience. This can help them break out of the detrimental suffering artist cycle and enter a high realm of creative possibilities.

Learning to trust their own inner authority is crucial to the artist who otherwise can become stuck in cyclical ‘safe’ patterns of creation or become paralysed altogether. Finding the value in what they have to share and express for themselves and learning to love themselves and the process just as much as the end result will be beneficial for the artist and give them more confidence in sharing their work.

Actions To Support The Artist Archetype

Take a step back from your work after creating it before you share it with the world. This time and space ensures you share it from a place of wisdom and not active wounding
Experiment with new mediums and skills in order to find new ways to express yourself – don’t be afraid to be a beginner at something in order to gain fresh insight
Use journaling as a way of exploring your subconscious to help you process, this will give you new perspectives and activate more possibilities and potential within your work

Artist Examples

  • Francis Bacon
  • Kurt Cobain
  • Amy Winehouse
  • Vincent Van Gogh
  • Sylvia Plath

Understand and Support Your Creative Archetype

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